Honesty & Reciprocity

To connect honestly with others is a human need. Intellectual relationships or dishonest people will not feed us with the human nutrition we need for self regulation. In-fact, someone who is dishonest or intellectual may confuse or overwhelm you – this is because we need to relate truthfully to others. As human-beings we are built for honesty and reciprocity: the practice of exchanging things with others for mutual benefit.

Reciprocity creates commerce, trade and a hierarchy in society. Currently hierarchy is mostly abused for financial gain, whereas if we have more knowledge we should simply teach others. The reciprocity of honest, fair relationships feeds us as human beings whereas dishonest, unfair relationships generate emotions and will not self-regulate us. As a professional credentialed coach it is important to encourage clients to be honest with themselves and to others, and to build a network of honest, reciprocal relationships that feed their mental and emotional health: work colleagues, real friendships, a loving partner and family.

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