A Credentialed Coach Can Teach Advanced Communication Skills to Others

Teaching advanced communication skills and coaching skills needs to become a part of the justice workforce too, to help people stuck in this system with poor communication skills – as the majority of young people and adults who enter the justice system have communication disorders and these difficulties are often not previously recognized. Furthermore, people in prison have much worse mental and physical health compared to the general population.

At the other end of the spectrum success comes to those who have the knowledge, communication, speech and language skills, usually in specific areas of expertise to build trust and confidence with people and clients. Think about it – when you are about to do business with someone new TOO BIG A GAP you are rapidly accessing their knowledge, what they say, and whether they listen to you – to decipher whether the person is trustworthy and good at what they do! So, as a person working toward becoming a professional credentialed coach I urge you to work constantly on developing your vocabulary of coaching and advanced communication skills.

We will cover different aspects of advanced communication skills, and how to use them in this program, to assist you to become an outstanding credentialed coach. If you work hard to develop these skills you can have a huge impact on those around you, and society as a whole with advanced communication skills.

Coaching is notcounseling or therapy. Of course every individual, therapist or counselor has different skills and capabilities. But coaching is about working to challenge a person to develop new skills to deal with their situation, to improve their capabilities and holding them accountable to constant improvementand the accomplishment of achieving their goals. Rather than some approaches in therapy, or counseling, for example supporting clients who are needing to express feelings, which are sometimes unnecessary and don’t change a situation, coaching is about developing a person’s skills to change a situation – for the better.

Venting feelings is NOT a skill and won’t change a situation. A more capable human-being with advanced communication skills can deal with a situation more proactively, before something has happened which could have been prevented and the need for emotional support has become apparent.

This is obviously not always possible with everything in life like: accidents, death and tragedy and why counseling and therapy are an important service in society, but if people are more capable and skilled in their life and communication – they can be more proactive in their relationships and life.

Often people are not deliberately acting to ‘not care’ or not value their relationships. It is mostly that they lack the communication skills necessary to deal with the situation or relationship dynamic, or they have an attachment style that is playing out. The way you approach and communicate with someone, speak and listen, affects the way you make them feel and whether the relationship will develop, or end.

In this credentialed coach training program we will go over the specific communication skills that will help you to reach an advanced level of communication skills, as a professional credentialed coach.

Be aware TOO advanced communication skills require mental abilities to use them well so you can switch to another skill rapidly – when required in a conversation.

Physical fitness improves cognition and the ability to use mental abilities, so be sure to be exercising 5-6 times a week, so you are fit – if you are wanting to develop and have outstanding communication skills.

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